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I Hired a Professional Cuddler

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Earlier that week, I had gone to, a website that connects certified cuddlers with those looking for non-sexual affection, and selected whom I wanted to hold or tickle me-yes, some people like to spend an entire hour-long appointment having their arms, legs, and backs tickled. Like with online dating, I scrolled through bios and scrutinized photos from the 11 practitioners in the New York area, and finally settled on a woman-a woman because I wasn’t about to let a strange man come to my apartment and it somehow seemed less invasive. I also liked how Shanna, 35 years old with long, dark hair and a wholesome face, came from a holistic and wellness background and that this didn’t seem like a random thing she was doing for extra cash. Her profile talked about grief and healing and therapeutic touching, and really, who couldn’t use that?


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