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Marijuana business popping up like hotcakes

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This woman teaches you how to legally grow weed in you home

by Zachary Crockett

“Are you ready?” asks Natalie Carver as we round her beat-up hatchback onto a tree-lined street in Washington, DC.

It’s a quaint part of town, sprinkled with generously proportioned estates. From high boughs, above manicured lawns, warblers and sparrows emit throaty chirps.

We park in front of a three-story home, walk up the steps, and ring the bell. A man in his mid-30s answers with a smile, two toddlers tugging at his shirt. He’s a prototypical suburban dad: gel-swept side part, khaki shorts, flip-flops — the works.

“Head down,” he tells us. “I’ll meet you there in a sec.”

I follow Natalie through a chic living room, past a sprawling kitchen, down what seems like an endless staircase, into a private gym.

Natalie meanders around a punching bag and opens the door to a utility closet in the corner of the room. Inside, there is a tall canvas tent with Neoprene air ducts snaking up the wall. She unzips it and flicks on an LED lamp.

Four healthy marijuana plants bask in a purple glow. 

As Natalie kneels to “tend the buds,” the home’s proprietor — who insists on going by “Blaze” — comes in to survey her work.

“You know, I never thought I’d have a weed coach,” he says.

“Why’d you decide to grow, again?” Natalie inquires from inside the closet.

“Why? Because I can. The law passed.”

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