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Special request from a loyal Rubi follower

Hey guys, so a couple of days ago we received an email that really touched our hearts. It came from a loyal follower named Miguel. He explained in his email that him and his fiance are trying to save up money to have their dream wedding in San Antonio, TX. He further explained that they both work full time jobs, go to school and have a baby on the way. Given their circumstances, he created a “GoFundMe” campaign and asked if we could help spread the word. 

We, here at theRubi, absolutely believe in helping others by any means possible. If anybody ever asks us for help, we will always do our best to assist. That being said guys, lets show Miguel and his fiance how us Austinites love helping others! Their goal is $2500, lets help them reach the goal!

Click on our link below to be taken to Miguel’s “GoFundMe” page!

GoFundMe Campaign

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