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Visiting Colorado for the Green

This post is for all of you contemplating a visit on a budget, as well as acquiring some insight on the best dispensaries we visited, and of course, the girls!

Visiting Colorado for the first time since “mary jane” became legal was quite an exhilarating experience! We drove, up and stayed at a KOA, which is a campground, for $65 a night a little outside Denver. Besides the great price, we were also able to experience nature and mary janes effects, with the birds, which was a nice addition. Soon as we arrived, we headed to our first dispensary, Tru Cannabis Auroralocated on the east side of Denver.

The place, if you Google it, has 4.4 stars, which is a decent rating and overall was like visiting your local neighborhood convenience store, a clean one at that. When you walk in it compares to a doctors office, everyone is sitting in a waiting area all while waiting to get called to the back of the store. Side note, make sure you bring an actual ID on you, they will check for it every single time! Further, make sure to bring cash, although some dispensaries do use credit card machines, most don’t, so stop by an ATM beforehand. Overall, Tru Cannabis Aurora is great for those that live near by and want to pick up a quick couple of grams before heading home after work. When we went they only had like 7 different strains, however, this may not always be the case. 

 Second dispensary we visited is called The Green Solution, it is by far the largest dispensary we visited. When you walk in the only way to describe the look and feel is like walking into a jewelry store. The dispensary has a large variety of strains, behind large glass panels with edibles, vapes, and anything else you can imagine. You’re a kid in a candy store at The Green SolutionCustomer service is pretty good as well, however, if we had to be critical, because we went during a busier time the experience felt a bit rushed. They did apologize for the rush and invited us back during a not so busy time to be of more assistance, which was great. Overall, this place is a must visit when coming to Colorado. 

Third and last place we visited, is in the mountains, West of Denver, called Rocky Mountain Organics North of i70 interstate Hwy. They don’t have a website, however, if you Google them they have a 4.8 star review. This place is definitely smaller, but awesome, with a very friendly staff. Inside the dispensary they had maybe ten different strains to choose from and the guy was pretty helpful and knowledgeable. If you’re ever headed to Blackhawk’s casinos, you should definitely make this dispensary a stop.

Since, we did not mention at the beginning, it is worth stating that these dispensaries had nothing to do with our reviews. The reviews are our true feelings when we visited the locations. Feel free to leave comments and questions below and we’ll make sure to answer them! Now, last but not least, Colorado college girls!